ABA Toilet Training in Nashville

At Wellspring Learning Centers, we understand that toilet training is an important milestone in a child’s development, and we recognize that this process can be challenging for both children and their families. Our ABA-based toilet training program aims to help make this process more enjoyable.

Our knowledgeable and compassionate team is dedicated to helping children overcome toilet training challenges and develop healthy toileting habits. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to achieve toileting independence.

Autism and Toilet Training Issues

Many children with autism experience difficulties with toileting, such as delayed toilet training, frequent accidents, and resistance to using the bathroom. These challenges may be due to a variety of factors, including sensory sensitivities, communication difficulties, and difficulty with social skills and understanding expectations.

Toileting difficulties can have a significant impact on the daily lives of both the child and their family, and addressing these challenges is essential for promoting independence and improving quality of life.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is one intervention that has been shown to be effective in addressing toileting difficulties in children with autism, and can be tailored to each child’s unique challenges and strengths.

ABA Toilet Training Protocol

The ABA toilet training protocol is an evidence-based approach that involves breaking down the toileting process into small, manageable steps through a strategy called discrete trial training (DTT). DTT focuses on teaching children the skills and behaviors necessary for successful toileting, such as recognizing the urge to go, communicating the need to use the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, and cleaning up afterwards.

ABA toilet training also emphasizes positive reinforcement for successful attempts and gradually fades prompts and rewards as the child becomes more independent. ABA toilet training is tailored to each child’s individual goals, and progress is closely monitored and adjusted as necessary.

With consistent and structured implementation of the strategies, your child can make significant gains in toileting skills.

Our Testimonials

Praise for Our People and Programs

At Wellspring Learning Centers, we value feedback from our families and other professionals in the field. Through their testimonials and stories, we gain insights into the positive changes our ABA therapy programs bring to the lives of children and families affected by autism and related disorders. Hear first-hand how our ABA programs can help make a difference in your child’s life.
Jessica is organized and friendly and is an amazing RBT and Office Administrator. I love how she cares for her learners by always staying calm during problem behavior, treating them with respect, and providing positive options.

Nancy G.

I’m so blessed and happy I was able to come across WellSpring Learning Center. Their staff are very welcoming and caring. I can see the progress and changes in my child since being at Wellspring.


The Wellspring leadership team is super dedicated to creating the best ABA learning experience in Nashville. They invest in their people, their centers, and their parents to create fun, trust, and progress.

Cara E.

Elysia is a remarkable individual with the rare combination of dedication, knowledge, and interpersonal skills that allow her to flourish with the families and clients she works with.

Christine J.

Wendy creates an effective learning environment in the center that not only helps the children but that they really enjoy. She is extremely passionate about assent-based approaches to ABA learning and the importance of activity scheduling, circle time, and structured independent workstations.

Taylor A.

Gerardo is a phenomenal clinician and excellent BCBA. He demonstrates true enjoyment every day in his practice of ABA and takes advantage of every learning opportunity to teach new skills or shape the clinical repertoire of his team. He is an excellent leader, mentor and collaborator and never misses a chance to lead his team to clinical excellence.

Viviana G.

We recently visited Wellspring and met with both Eric and Gerardo. They were both welcoming and enthusiastic to meet with us. This new clinic was absolutely stunning and very well thought out for both function and therapeutic success. Each room serves a purpose and focuses on specific goals a learner might have in their programming. Their enrollment process and parent support is excellent. We are excited to be able to use Wellspring for therapeutic matching for our clients!

Rachael F.

When to Start Toilet Training a Child

When you start toilet training a child depends on your child’s readiness for this important skill. Signs of readiness may include:

  • Showing an interest in using the toilet
  • Staying dry for longer periods of time
  • Communicating the need to use the bathroom
  • Demonstrating the physical ability to sit on the toilet and pull their pants up and down

It is important to note that children with developmental delays, such as those with autism, may have a longer timeline for toilet training and may require additional support and accommodations. Additionally, it is important to consider your child’s individual needs and family circumstances when determining the appropriate time to begin toilet training.

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We Accept A Majority of Insurance Providers

ABA Insurance Coverage

At Wellspring Learning Centers, we are proud to be in-network with the majority of major Tennessee insurance providers, including TennCare. Learn more about our ABA therapy coverage and discover how you can utilize your benefits to support your child’s ABA therapy needs. Please reach out to confirm insurance coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most children begin to show signs of readiness for toilet training between 18 and 36 months of age. However, it is important to note that the age to start toilet training can vary depending on individual readiness. Some children may show signs of readiness earlier or later than this age range. It is also important to consider your child’s developmental abilities when determining the appropriate time to begin toilet training.

The length of time it takes for potty training can vary widely depending on individual factors such as the child’s readiness, temperament, and developmental abilities, as well as the consistency and structure of the toilet training process. On average, it may take six months to a year or more for a child to become fully potty trained. It can take a year and half to two years for children with autism or other developmental disorders. It is important to note that potty training is a process that involves gradual steps and may require adjustments to the approach along the way. Therefore, it is important to approach potty training with patience, positivity, and a focus on the child’s individual needs and progress.

The coverage of toilet training programs by insurance may vary depending on your insurance provider, the specific program or intervention used, and your child’s needs. In some cases, insurance may cover the cost of ABA toilet training programs that are considered medically necessary for children with autism and other developmental delays, as these programs can improve your child’s functioning. Some insurance plans may require a diagnosis or referral from a healthcare provider, as well as prior authorization for the program. Additionally, some insurance plans may have coverage limits or restrictions on the number of sessions or duration of the program. It is important to discuss any questions or concerns about coverage with your insurance provider.

Our ABA therapy center is located in the Belle Meade neighborhood and serves the greater Nashville, TN area. Our center address is 4515 Harding Pike Suite 114 Nashville, TN 37205.

At Wellspring Learning Centers we provide both comprehensive and focused ABA therapy programs. Each program is tailored to the individual needs of your child and ranges in intensity from 10 to 40 hours a week.

This means the amount of therapy and level of parent involvement varies as well. Skill training programs involving discrete trial training and natural environment training can require several hours each day. Throughout the day and week, the goal is to create various teaching opportunities through play for your child so that therapists can prompt, shape and reinforce appropriate responses.

Parents will be required to attend bi-weekly family meetings and periodic training sessions to ensure generalization of skills learned during ABA sessions. These training sessions will also help you learn how to better support your child in their daily life.

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